Photo: Watch online Masterchef season 8

The fourth issue will determine the top twenty. This time the participants will have to demonstrate not only the ability to cook, but also logic.

Wednesday, September 5, will be broadcast the fourth part of the culinary show Masterchef season 8. After all the tests to fight for the title of the best chefs-Amateur country will continue to 20 participants.

For the first time in the history of the show will be a battle of black tacks. Rules of the competition will be known in the fourth installment of the eighth season.

Also in this episode, players need to be smart and use logic. In one of the competitions of cooks will be invited to discover the recipe for the prompts. They are very different castanets, van Gogh or frying Pan, notes, indicating that in the dish to add the beans.

Masterchef season 8 online issue 4 (today)

In the third edition of Masterchef season 8 Hector Jimenez-Bravo showed the participants that chicken Kiev you can cook for a minute and do it with a gun.

Earlier it was reported that in a Network there was video of the second edition of the culinary show Masterchef 8.

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