The President of France Emmanuel macron, reacting to the ongoing protests of the “yellow vests,” wrote a public letter to fellow countrymen with a call to participate in the national debate. The document published on the website of the Elysee Palace on Sunday, January 13.

The President of France Emmanuel macron addresses the nation because of the protests of the “yellow jackets.” Photo: Reuters

The macron suggested to submit for discussion 35 questions — from taxation and the environment to immigration. According to the French leader, the discussion should facilitate the transition “of dissatisfaction in the decision.”

In the framework of this dialogue will not be “taboo,” but are “red lines”, he said in “letter to the French”. So, not subject to revision on the granting of political asylum and what happened at the end of 2017 partial abolition of “wealth tax” — after the reforms under the tax falls only expensive property but not other property as before . The abolition of this reform is a requirement of the “yellow jackets.”

National debate until March 15

The debate is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 15. They should last two months — till March 15. At this time Emmanuel macron intends to drive through the cities of the country and meet with municipal politicians. Within one month after the debate the French President plans to submit a report about its results.

The protests of “yellow jackets” broke out in November of 2018. The protesters initially opposed the intention of the authorities to impose a tax that could lead to higher prices for motor fuel, and raising the minimum wage. After the government approved a moratorium on increases in fuel taxes and went to a number of other concessions, the protesters began to protest against reforms of the government and the President of Emmanuel Macron.