The candidate in presidents of Russia Ksenia Sobchak called the main sponsors of his campaign. Among them was the publisher of Russian Forbes, the former owner of Yota and member of the TV show “Secret millionaire.”

Photo: Reuters

Sobchak became the first presidential candidate of Russia, which is publicly listed supporters of the campaign. By law, candidates reveal the enumeration of legal entities and the number of individuals who donated to the Fund more than 20 thousand rubles ($350), but not their names.

However, the amount of donations Sobchak also was not called. There are legal complexities to make these translations formally, she said.

The latest report on the flow of money to the electoral Fund of a candidate, Sobchak published 13 Feb. Individuals, according to this report, listed 6.3 million rubles. In her election Fund has received 104 million (1.84 million dollars). This amount includes money from sponsors, said Sobchak at a press conference on Tuesday .

Most of the money previously received from the party “Civil initiative”, which it officially announced. As of January 29, the party transferred her to the polls with 77 million roubles. 19 million Russian rubles Sobchak has transferred to the Fund itself.

The candidate declared the income over six years of about $ 404 million. The law limits the election Fund of candidates for election of the President 400 million rubles.

Sobchak was nominated for the election on 18 March 2018 with the slogan “the Candidate against all”. His nomination, according to the source bi-Bi-si, it is pre-agreed with Vladimir Putin in a personal meeting. She said that he had met with the President, but nothing coordinated.

About the sponsors of his campaign, she never told us, citing the fact that not all people want to talk about their involvement in the financing of an opposition politician.

Sergei Adonyev

Sergei Adonyev. Photo:

Former co-owner of the mobile device manufacturer Yota Devices Sergey Adonyev — one of the main sponsors of the candidate Sobchak. State Adonieva, according to Forbes Russia’s richest businessmen, is estimated at $ 800 million.

Sobchak says that Adoni is now also a new sponsor of “the New newspaper”. According to her, an envelope with his name on it handed over to the chief editor of the “New” Dmitry Muratov on air “Rain” when she was interviewing him.

Alexander Fedotov

Alexander Fedotov. Photo:

Only one sponsor of the campaign, Sobchak before publicly stated this himself. On 3 February the President of the publishing house ACMG (Forbes, L’officiel, SNC, OK!) Alexander Fedotov said that in August 2017 Sobchak asked him about financial support for her campaign and he agreed.

In the fall of 2015 Fedotov became the owner of the Russian version of magazine Forbes. Prior to that, the magazine owned by the German media company Axel Springer, but he had to get rid of assets in Russia because of the law, in which foreign participation in the Russian media may not exceed 20%.

The hallmark of the Russian Forbes was ranking the highest paid CEOs of Russian companies, which the magazine was made in 2012. It often was leading top-managers of Russian state-owned companies, many of whom were denied their multimillion-dollar incomes calculated by the log. However, in 2017, after a change of ownership Forbes refused this rating.

Vladimir Palikhata

Vladimir Palikhata is a former President of Rosenergomash concern, Russian businessman and philanthropist. The businessman is the founder of the investment group Legacy Square Capital. Structure Palikhata publish the Russian version of the magazine on entrepreneurship Inc. In addition, the entrepreneur heads the chess Federation of Moscow.

RBC in June of 2017, wrote that the structure Palikhata, negotiated the purchase of the Russian version of Forbes magazine in the structures of Alexander Fedotov, another sponsor of the campaign, Sobchak.

“I love Inc magazine and on the cover of my book, “Sobchak against all” I play chess, — said the candidate. — So we have a lot in common with Vladimir”.

Alexander Roslyakov

Alexander Roslyakov. Photo from FC “Zenit”

Roslyakov — the investor Sobchak, for whom, as she says, she’s a few weeks ago, flew to the talks in Bali.

Alexander Roslyakov owns a major transport company “Onego Shiping”. On the company’s website States that she participated in projects “Sakhalin-3” Gazprom in the construction of the Sabetta port in Yamal and the construction of the system of trunk pipelines Bovanenkovo – Ukhta.

Roslyakov became famous after he participated in the TV show “Secret millionaire” on channel “Friday”. For he five days spent in the city without housing and money asking for help from local residents. Then he gave to those who sheltered, apartments and money.

Vadim and Yana Raskovalova

Vadim and Yana Raskovalova, according to Sobchak, “the closest” to her people, friends of her childhood. Vadim Raskovalov entrepreneur and developer, owner of a chain of sports clubs SPORTLIFE. His spouse is engaged in the design, and also owns a jewelry company Yana.

“Jewelry from the native and close person is always on me and hopefully bring me success. This is really my very close friends. Vadim I know from my 13 years, we’ve been friends with more St. Petersburg”, — said the candidate.

Anatoly Tsybulevsky

Another sponsor Sobchak — a little-known businessman Anatoly Tsybulevsky, founder and co-owner of the company “New energy system”. With him Sobchak, in her words, still was not familiar.

“By my intentions, he came. We had a wonderful meeting, where he was, what I liked, discussed with me the economic points of my program,” — said Sobchak.

“New energy system” — the Moscow company for the production and supply of electricity, the service provider, including Sberbank.