The Russian President’s visit to the wedding Kneisl caused a wave of indignation both in Ukraine and abroad

Dancing Putin and Kneisl at the wedding. Photo:

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin considers the big mistake the wedding invitation of foreign Minister of Austria Karin Kneissl Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who gave the newlyweds a picture macovigilance old Tula samovar. He said this, answering the questions of the Austrian journalists, reports “Pragmas”.

He did not Express his personal opinion on this matter and answered diplomatically.

“As foreign Minister, I must remain politically correct. So I would say that this is, in my opinion, was quite a big mistake,” – said Klimkin.

The Minister said the Austrian journalists that Ukraine is “catastrophic” took Putin’s trip to the wedding, and many could not understand why he received the invitation.

“It’s a question of trust,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine.