In most regions of Ukraine the temperature will rise 2 November, said a forecaster


In Ukraine is expected warming. On 1 November, Facebook announced forecaster Natalia Didenko.

“The mighty Atlantic comes, the cold anticyclone retreats. Such a Ukraine is expected to the closest SYNOPTIC perspective. On November 2, in most areas the temperature will rise. For a few, but it has already be +6…+11 ° C”, – she wrote.

Didenko added that while there will be coldest in the East of Ukraine is +3…+6 ºC. The next night will be chilly -2…-8 ºC.

Sunday and next week in Ukraine significantly warmer, Tuesday – Wednesday at the South and West, probably to +20 ° C, said the forecaster.

“November 2 will appear in the rains, but so far only in the Western regions, on the territory of Ukraine will be dry, perhaps that will start to increase in the afternoon. The day after tomorrow in most areas is expected a strong to stormy gusts of the South wind”, she said.

Didenko added that tomorrow weather in Kiev will be windy, clouds will begin to increase, but no precipitation, maximum air temperature will reach +5…+8 ºC.

On Sunday in the capital expected strong South wind, cloudy and warming up to +10…+12 ºC. Next week the warming will increase, said the forecaster.

Потужна Атлантика наступає, холодний антициклон відступає.Такою в Україні очікується найближча синоптична…

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