Due to the climate change process has become more difficult

Photo: farmers.kz

While in Ukraine, the growing consumption of fishin the Kherson region enthusiasts want to revive the practice of growing fish in rice fields. In the Soviet Union this process was very common: after reclamation work have filled the box with water, and let go of fry, wrote “Voice of Ukraine”.

As the newspaper notes, has now changed weather conditions, but because the process is complicated. Last year, for example, one farm went up for the experiment: released on their rice plantations near the village zbur’ivka Hola Prystan district, Kherson region, larvae of carp. But because of the unprecedented heat water in checks is hot, oxygen evaporates, and the larvae died before he could turn into fry.


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But farm still decided to continue the experiment. This time for restocking twenty acres, covered with water rice fields, in the Nikolaev area acquired nearly half a ton of carp fry.

“To extreme temperatures again became fatal to them, transporting them at night in special cars-tanks and blown the water with oxygen. On young carp will grow roots in the checks and combine it with weight” – the newspaper notes.