This holiday is celebrated annually with many post-Soviet countries. It falls on the second Sunday of August.

In Ukraine on 11 August, the day of the Builder. This feast traditionally falls on the second Sunday of the last month of summer.

Builder’s day celebrated in many post-Soviet countries, including Russia and Belarus.

This professional holiday was established in early 1956 in the Soviet Union. Later, on 22 July 1993 with the decree of President Leonid Kuchma date was set already in the independent Ukraine.

Holiday traditions

On this day in many teams of builders for beginners there is a rite of passage. New Builder has to eat slop with salt as a symbol of “the peck of salt” or hold your hand over the fire – so it needs to feel like “burning” work.

Congratulations on Builder’s Day:

With the Builder’s Day to you my friend

Heartily congratulate you today!

All the houses that grew up around

Your hands touch the know.

Let “Thank you” I say

Everyone in those houses already moved in!

Let all of you to thank!

To son your dad proud!


You – the Builder. And that’s honorable.

Good luck to you who!

You build something new

In the summer heat, snowfall and frost.

And professional your hard

I want to wish

The bird of happiness to soar migratory,

What is fatigue – not to know.


Congratulations to all who build on their professional holiday. I wish you all have a solid Foundation in life, a good and strong family walls, and high quality working time. You more profitable projects are always high quality durable brick and cement. Let the work will not be a burden, and the stability, health and prosperity and bring happiness.


From the most simple to the most complex construction works you can do any task! Your tenacity, patience and labor of any building unique! Let your lives also be built and be successful!


Dear builders, I sincerely wish you further professional success! The efforts of the representatives of this noble profession as a Builder, our country is becoming modern, comfortable and cosy – without losing its historical and cultural value. Good health, happiness and prosperity to you and your family.