The American photographed the girl and sent the images to a group chat with his colleagues from the local restaurant

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DC police arrested 19-year-old local resident Brian Roberto Varela. The young man charged with the murder and rape of his friend, 18-year-old Alyssa Mae Noseda, which he told friends at work.

In early February, Alissa and I broke up with her boyfriend, writes Buzzfeed. After a quarrel with a guy she went to a party at a friend of his, Brian. Varela lived in a trailer Park, according to police who made a living selling various drugs, including marijuana, LSD, cocaine, and sold prescription medications.


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During the party, Brian suggested Alissa analgesic and liquid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) as back to him, and the girl it became bad. Varela laid her on the bed and continued to have fun, and when the guests had gone, turned his attention to lying unconscious guest. He undressed her, took a picture and sent it to a group chat with his colleagues from the local fast food restaurant.

“LOL, I think she od’d, still breathing. I pozariha it to pass the time”, — signed photo of Varela.

Colleagues were worried about the girl and asked Varela to call her an ambulance, but he said that “too tired to be doing this,” and went to sleep.

The next morning Brian found that the girl was dead, but went to work, leaving the body of Alyssa at home. Before it showed the victim’s body several friends — they encouraged the guy to call the police, but he drove them out of the house, saying that he needs to rush to a double shift at the restaurant. Before leaving, Varela took the girl’s body in a plastic garbage container.

According to colleagues of the guy came to work, he began to brag to them what happened, telling that Noseda “died, doing sex with him”. Some of his colleagues he told about the consequences of history in which they first didn’t believe. Varela complained that he needed to bury a body, and in colors described one of his colleagues that he broke the girl’s legs and hid her body in the container to finish it when I get back from work.

One of the colleagues of these details alarmed, he checked the last activity Noseda in social networks. Facebook, he stumbled upon the post mother of the girl who said about the loss of her daughter and asked for all friends to help in her quest. At that time the police haven’t launched an investigation because 48 hours is not passed since leaving girls out of the house.

Folded pieces, a friend called the police and told about the story of Varela. In the morning on the third day after the disappearance of the girl home to Brian the police came. During the search they found the girl’s body in the container, which said Varela. Having come off shift the night before, he went to bed and left the body in the container. And that putrid smell was not noticeable, the guy put in a container of chopped onions.

Varela confessed to the crime and said that after seeing Facebook post’s mother of Alyssa, he decided to bury the body in the woods, beat the situation as the girls escape from the house. To do this, he unlocked her iPhone, like, with her finger to the screen, and wrote in Snapchat behalf of Alissa’s short post that she decided to leave town. After that, Varela hid the phone in the woods, but police found the gadget.


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According to the guy, when Alyssa became ill at the party, he was afraid to get her help because of possible problems with the law. However, he said that sex between him and Nosegay occurred by mutual consent and the girl “shut down” — so he did not disturb.

Varela is charged with manslaughter and rape with aggravating circumstances. He remained under arrest, as the court found in his case, the bar of collateral at the level of 500 thousand dollars. The Varela family has refused to communicate with him and to attend meetings.

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