The girls were found by rescuers

Photo: Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office

In the USA two sisters are eight and five years, Leah and Caroline Carrico had been in the desert for two days and survived. Girls rescuers found footprints and candy wrappers from candy bars. This was reported by Buzz Feed News edition 3 March.

Children left home on 1 March in the evening. Found them through 44 hours after the disappearance of the 2.5 km from home.

“We all witnessed a miracle. It’s a harsh terrain, extreme conditions,” said Sheriff Humboldt County Hanzal.

Searches of children were addressed about 250 people.

The girls were able to survive thanks to training at the club for the survival of 4-H, said the Sheriff. They had hypothermia and was dehydrated.

When we found them, they were hiding in the bushes. The sisters said that he was lost because he was considered the trail of the buck.

Leia and Caroline Carrico, 8 and 5, reunited with their parents after 44 hours and two rainy nights lost in the woods near Benbow, California. Video by Mark McKenna. Read our latest here:

— North Coast Journal (@ncj_of_humboldt) 4 March 2019 R.