Guskov said, who helps the Russian mercenaries and their weapons

Photo: social networks

On arms of the Russian private military company “Wagner” unlike Western counterparts, consists of heavy equipment and artillery, and supported by the Russian intelligence services. This was told on air of TV channel “Direct” the chief of staff of the Chairman of the SBU Igor Guskov.

According to him, this company, mercenaries and rarely take part in combat operations in the Donbass, has strong support of the security services, allowing you to have almost unlimited military resources.

“There is a key difference between PMC “Wagner” and Western private military companies. First, funding, equipping, and staffing selection is carried out by the Russian special services. Secondly, no Western military the company does not have in his Arsenal of tanks, rocket launchers or heavy artillery. Everything that has PMC “Wagner”, – said Andrei.