Surkov’s resignation “gives hope for an upgrade of the Minsk agreements”, say the authors of an anonymous public

Photo: EPA

The editorial Board draws the reader’s attention that many popular Telegram-channels are anonymous, and published information is difficult to verify.

In the Office of the President holiday

Telegram-channel “Resident” writes that the Office of the President of Ukraine celebrate the official resignation of Vladislav Surkov from the post of assistant to the President of the Russian Federation.

According to the authors of the public, Surkov’s resignation “gives hope for an upgrade of the Minsk agreements and their transformation into a “formula Zelensky”.

“Within two weeks we will see the new configuration in the Ukrainian Parliament, where behind the scenes will cooperate, “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” and “servant of the people”, – says the Resident.

Published a new wire Pipe

Telegram-channel “Pipe burst” has published a new wire where the man with the voice like the voice of a former Director of the state Bureau of investigation of the Novel Pipe, discusses with a caller the investigation of criminal proceedings on crimes against Maidan activists. The authors of the public say that the Pipe I spoke with a former Prosecutor of the Nikolaev area Andrey Curitem, which is called the protege of Andrei Portnov, the former Deputy head of the administration Viktor Yanukovych.

Prior to his appointment as Prosecutor Kurys was the chief of head Department on investigation of especially important cases of the Prosecutor General, when the office was headed by Viktor Pshonka. Among other things, Kurys led the case against Batkivshchyna party leader Yulia Tymoshenko on charges of involvement in the murder of MP Yevhen Shcherban in 1996.

Zelensky will approve a list of “public Servants” in local elections

Telegram-channel “Legitimate” claims that the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will personally approve lists of candidates from the party “servant of the people” in Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv, Lviv and Zaporizhzhya regions.

“In “the Servant of the people” decided to leave the quota practice: now everyone can submit their list of candidates, but not the fact that at least one of them will have the right to be elected in local elections. This can cause a lot of scandals and insults inside [“Servants”],” say the authors of the public.