Sex without the explicit agreement of the parties, Swedish law henceforth considers rape

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In Sweden came into force the law on the sexual freedom of the individual. Now sex without explicit consent is considered rape.

About it reports DW.

According to the co-author of the law, judges Anne Channell, we are not talking about prior written consent – “just enough to take the physical part, it is a sign of consent.” The court will decide whether the demonstrated consent through words, gestures or otherwise.

Previously in Sweden, rape was considered a sexual act, using threats or violence.

“Now you do not need intimidation or coercion, the aggressor can simply take advantage of the vulnerable situation of the victim,” explains the government.

The Minister for gender equality Lena Hallengren explained that the new law was adopted against the background of the movement #MeToo, which exposed a number of sexual harassment.

Last year in Sweden was seven thousand of rapes, 10% more than last year. According to the law, the perpetrator could face up to six years in prison, up to 10 – if the victim has not reached the age of majority.