The crash killed two people, another 18 were injured


Close to the airport Wonderboom in Pretoria on June 10, the plane crashed. One of the passengers recorded a video of the crash. He was able to remove the light engine of the plane, says CBS News.

The footage also shows how the plane flew quite low over the houses and trees. Heard the screams of frightened passengers. After that, the plane hit the ground, but the video recording continued. In the frame appeared the smoke-filled interior of the liner and heard the moans of the wounded passengers.

In the crash two people died, 18 people were injured. In addition, the wreckage of the plane injured three workers at a dairy factory, near where he crashed.

The main version of crash of the liner is engine failure. The South African civil aviation authority (SACAA) said that the aircraft had a valid airworthiness certificate, but it was due to expire in August.

Recall that in mid-may at the Istanbul airport faced two aircraft. According to eyewitnesses, the collision of the Airbus A330 Asiana Airlines has caused serious damage to the aircraft A321Turkish Airlines.