Photo: a frame from a video In Photoshop has a new feature

Now the program will be able to remove the photographs of “extra” parts. This will facilitate the work of many photographers.

The developers of the popular graphics editor Adobe announced the new feature. Now all the “extra” details in the pictures he will be able to delete automatically, which should facilitate the work of hundreds of thousands of photographers. About it writes Digital Trends.

Feature called Content-Aware Fill. To use it, you will need to select another item, then enter Photoshop on the background.

The program will analyze the background of the picture, then carefully paint over the excess.

Remove can be both simple and quite complex artifacts – in particular, small objects on highly detailed background. To appear this feature in Photoshop should in the coming days.

Earlier it was reported that Skype has added a new call recording feature. Function is available in all versions of the application.

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