Unknown smashed equipment and hurled smoke bombs space


In Odessa, unknown assailants attacked and trashed in three offices Internet-casino “Motomarket”. About it reported in Department of communications Department of National police in the Odessa region.

The incidents occurred may 26 in the Suvorovsky district of the city. At first, the police received a report that two addresses of “Motomarket” (street of General Bocharova and Marseille), a group unknown in balaclavas with bats smashed the equipment and threw smoke bombs in the premises. In a few minutes, a similar incident occurred in the third office on the Internet casinos on the street heroes of the defense of Odessa.

At the moment, are the circumstances of the events and identity of offenders, interview witnesses, and the witnesses. Previously unknown actions are qualified on signs of the crime part 2 of article 296 (hooliganism) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.