Wednesday, February 27, in the center of Kharkiv the driver of the BMW miraculously staged a mass accident on Constitution square.

Inadequate began to drift in the middle of the roadway when the oncoming lane was moving several cars. The incident was recorded by eyewitnesses, videos published in the Telegram-channel Ukr Inform (to see dorolle to the end of the page).

The record shows that the car “flew” down the street at great speed and starting to spin on the road. Before the BMW managed to slow down oncoming cars. After that, the driver continued to drift on the side of the road.

Drift in Kharkiv on Constitution square

A screenshot from the video

“Ghost Zaitseva moved into the poor driver. I hope they will be interested in the police”, – has signed video network.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL informed, in the center of Odessa drifter on the “penny” caught up with instant karma.

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