Problems associated with the Boeing 737 MAX

Photo: EPA

In January 2020, the us company Boeing has not received a single order for planes, this situation has arisen for the first time since 1962. This is with reference to company data reported to Reuters on 11 February.

Difficulty orders are associated with a low demand for the model 737 max after two aircraft accidents with their participation.

In January, the company has shipped “a total of 13 aircraft,” whereas a year ago this figure was equal to 46.

The Agency notes that the loss of Boeing grow, while the European company Airbus (Paris) gets more orders. In particular, in January 2020 296 ordered Airbus aircraft is the highest number in the last 15 years.

October 29, 2018 to Boeing 737 MAX 8 fell in the Java sea near Jakarta (Indonesia). Killed 189 people who were on Board. 10 March 2019 under Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) crashed a Boeing of the same model, all 157 people were killed.

According to the preliminary report of the investigation, the cause of the crash of the Ethiopian airliner was a false activation of the complement system characteristics maneuvering MCAS. Experts believe that the same system was denied on the Indonesian flight.

After plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia Boeing recommended to suspend flights of the entire world fleet of 737 MAX and reduced the production of aircraft of this model.

On 4 April the then chief Executive of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg officially acknowledged that the cause of the accident aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia were erroneous activation of the MCAS. 22 December, against the background of difficulties with the 737 MAX and the failed launch of a spaceship Cockpit Mulenburg resigned.

In January 2020, the company said it found another problem in the software of the 737 MAX. Fitch Ratings downgraded in this regard, the long term credit rating of Boeing from “A” to “A-“.

January 25 in the air rose new model of passenger aircraft – the Boeing 777X.