In Britain, the blue passport will replace Burgundy

Photo: EPA

UK from March will begin to issue internal passports of the new sample, reported on 22 February, the TV channel Sky News.

As noted by the Minister of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom Priti Patel, the document is returned “to the iconic blue-and-gold design” (the blue passport issued in Britain from 1921 to 1988; during the stay of the country in the EU passport was Burgundy).

The interior Ministry said that it would be “the most technologically advanced British passport in history”, made using “the latest and most secure methods of printing and design.”

Britain withdrew from the EU on 31 January at 23.00 UK time (1.00 February 1, Kiev). Brexit was the result of a referendum held in June 2016. The decision to withdraw the United Kingdom from the EU supported 51,9% of Britons.