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The man changed his appearance, completely covering the body with tattoos, made horns and pointy fangs.

In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo preaches man-Satan with fangs and horns. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

Brazilian Miquel Faro du Prado in its 44 years has a rather unusual appearance due to which he received the nickname man-Satan.

Body and face men cover tattoos, and on his forehead he has a metal horn. Also, the Brazilian made his sharp fangs and numerous large piercings on his face.

Eyeballs Prado also filled with ink. According to him, it was the most dangerous of the performed procedure.

Mikel noted that he does not aspire to be like the image of the devil. The man notes that he considers himself a believer. Prado regularly attends Church, besides preaching on the streets and on the Internet.

According to the man himself, the devil, he is known not only for looks but also because of his point of view, such as God, the Bible and the behavior of the society.

Earlier it was reported that the preacher left the Church and became a porn actress. Also the Correspondent wrote that the porn star was bitten by her boyfriend and was arrested.

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