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Drone Phasa-35 experienced 17 February at the training ground Wolmer in South Australia. About it reports a press-service of the British company BAE Systems, who developed the device in conjunction with Prismatic Ltd, reports

It is noted that Phasa-35, the plane on solar energy with a wingspan of 35 m, has successfully completed its first flight.

The creators of the device believe that the new aircraft could become “a watershed moment in the aviation sector and space, filling the gap between aircraft and satellite technologies.”

The device was designed, built and launched in less than two years. It is made of light composite materials. The makers claim that a battery with a long service life and highly efficient solar technology may allow aircraft operating in the stratosphere, higher atmospheric layers of the Earth, to fly for up to one year.

“This is a durable and cheap alternative to satellites, characterized by flexibility of design. It can be used for many valuable applications, including the detection of forest fires and monitoring of the sea”, – stated in the message.