Scientists are unable to identify it

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Michelle GasID fished off the coast of Queensland, Australia. The woman caught a strange and frightening the fish. The establishment was in length thirty inches, it also had an unusual appendages that resembled legs.

Michelle posted a photo of the mysterious fish in the same group in Facebook. The woman asked the experts to tell what species the creature. Yet a clear answer has not been received. Maybe later comment on the catch of ichthyologists, to which Michelle also addressed.

The very fish woman was released in the coral sea.

Recall that loud sounds that are coming out of the fish Cynoscion othonopterus during spawning can disturb and even stun other marine animals. C. othonopterus rare fish mating ritual to attract a female, the male emits a loud clicking sound, resembling, according to the researchers, the sound of machine gun fire. The frequency at which “yells” C. othonopterus, is dangerous to hearing the sea lions and dolphins, which are often noticed in close proximity to spawning grounds.

Previously, we wrote about why sharks are afraid of dolphins: unexpected response scientists.

Also recall that dolphins have learned to obtain the drug from the fish.

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