Experts of the analytical center of The Breakthrough — National Centre for Climate Restoration said that human civilization due to climate change may die by 2050.

Their conclusions are presented in the report which stated that by 2030 carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels can achieve maximum values.

This will happen if countries abandon the search for alternative sources of energy.

“With the development of such a scenario by 2050 the average temperature will rise three degrees Celsius,” – noted in the report.


In the result, whole ecosystems will die, and a third of the planet will become a desert. Climate refugees may become more than a billion people, there will be serious armed conflicts for resources.

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According to experts, it will lead to the death of human civilization. To prevent such a development may have immediately taken measures aimed at the transformation of the world economy as a system with zero carbon emissions.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, earlier, the UN called the new threat to humanity, more dangerous wars.

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