Investments in the field will continue to grow, but specialists still not enough

Photo: pxhere

In 2018, the market of PR-market in Ukraine will grow by 10-30%, to UAH 350-400 million. According to the Department of industrial development, the market volume in 2017 – UAH 325 million. A traditional leader in growth will make Digital, according to a study, the first professional platform for journalists and experts to Deadline.

Experts expect that advertisers will continue to increase investment in this area. But the growth may slow down. However, to revive the situation will help the election.

“Don’t ignore the presidential elections, which traditionally stimulate the market of PR-services. He, along with the paid media market will increase in the pre-election period and on 30%,” predicts co-founder Alexander Stelmakhova Deadline.


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Now the PR market will gradually transformatsia, said the managing partner of Arena / Media Expert Tatyana Popova. Three years ago, few people collaborated with opinion leaders, and especially promoted through their services and products. It did not inspire confidence in companies, and especially large brands, today this is one of the popular ways of promoting goods and services. According to Popova, profit in the segment is definitely not going to decrease.

The number of PR people is growing every year. But still lacks competent professionals.

“Among the more than 1.2 million businesses only 10% have staff expert in PR. Now a month is not more than 130-150 vacancies for PR experts,” says Stelmakhova.

In addition, the Universities produce specialists, there’s a lot of preparatory communication schools that conduct short term and long term courses in PR. According to Popova, the quality of the professionals in the market.

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