In Ukraine, the boom of scandals with the purchase and sale of positions. In one of the last known cases – a relative of the official of the Ministry of justice were trading posts of chiefs of colonies.

How many are willing to shell out wishing to become officers and deputies, as a resident of the Odessa region managed to get a vacant seat through a “friend of the President” and whether for the schemes are the fraudsters, not the authorities – read the material OBOZREVATEL.

Head zone – $20 thousand

A relative of the official of the Ministry of justice was caught selling the post of chief of the penal colony. $20 thousand, the man promised to help with the appointment for the vacant position. The buyer explained that part of the money will need to be passed to employees of the Ministry of justice, which take personnel decisions. And then lucky will lead the area in Cherkasy region.

“The man who was offered the position for the money, was not chosen randomly. He is an active member of the state criminal-Executive service, and could count on the rise. But the officer suspected that such decisions, even for the money, just from people off the street will not be accepted”, – told us in a press-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev.

The seller posts detained at Kyiv restaurant

The Prosecutor’s Office Of Kiev

The scammer, by the way, was not one, but with a companion. The couple was detained during transfer of money in one of the restaurants of Kiev. It 48-the summer inhabitant of Kiev region and 46-the summer inhabitant of Kiev. They do not work anywhere. To the civil service, saying the Prosecutor’s office, have no relationship. And the SBU found out that the detainee really has close ties with one of the senior officials of the Ministry of justice. Now law enforcers are checking information about the possible involvement of an employee to deal.

The parliamentary mandate was sold from prison

Judging by militiamen, sell high posts in Ukraine put on stream. The amounts that appear in cases of, simply impressive. For example, the parliamentary mandate, the party of “Servant of the people” was estimated at 1.5 million euros.

In this story there are two suspects, both of whom are retired. Moreover, one of the men, Vasily O., is caught in such a fall he tried to sell the post of the head of Vyshgorod district administration in Kiev region.

The Detention Of Vasily O.

“From my sources he received information that the Deputy of the mayor of Vyshgorod taking part in the competition for social project LIFT. We are talking about the platform to assign new people to the policy that was presented by the team of Vladimir Zelensky. “Mediator” suggested the official to “solve the problem” for $150 thousand, Explained that he had good connections in the Office of the President”, – is spoken in the decision of the court.

Have novotiral for “communications” in the Office of the President $150 thousand in Kiev, arrested a major scammer

Then the deal failed, “the personnel” were arrested. Already out of prison Basil found a new victim for 1.5 million euros he offered the young lady the mandate of people’s Deputy from “public Servants”. And talked to the potential people’s choice via Skype directly from prison. “I’m in London, so on meeting for the first half of the amount will come to my aide,” said “customer” man.

Basil O. asked for a mandate in “the Servant of the people” of 1.5 million euros

The man is threatened by punishment under article “Fraud”. But we learned that he was no outsider. First, it really was the assistant Deputy of samovydvizhentsev in the Parliament of the 4th convocation. And in 2015 already as the head of public organization “We the people of Ukraine”, congratulated the people of Kiev city Day. Video and now can be viewed on the page of the organization of the godfather Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk “the Ukrainian choice”.

News”People Zelensky” tied on a large bribe in the OP reacted. Photo and video

Another big story associated with the current official Office of the President 45-year-old Svetlana Kondzela. November 12, detectives NAB the detained employee (she served as Director of the Department of ensuring access to public information, OP). Law enforcement officials believe that Kondzela together with ex-assistant of Minister of culture, 41-year-old Victoria Lisnycha, sold the office of member of the Supervisory Board of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”. Buyer women assured that all poreshat, but it will cost you $300 thousand Half you need to give forward, before the interview, and the remaining amount after appointment.

Vladimir Z. do employ former official


But “freelance adviser for special assignments” Vladimir Zelensky, and in fact, under the “Patriotic party of Ukraine” 58-year-old Vladimir Z. even managed to make the appointment. Former official of the Odessa region, he sold the post of Deputy in one of the institutes of the National Academy of agrarian Sciences. Demanded in return for their “curators” (the President of Ukraine, head of Verkhovna Rada, head of the Office of the President and his Deputy and also Deputy Prime Minister) until March 2020 to transfer $250 thousand And speaker of Parliament Dmitry Razumkova, said “mediator”, until the end of the year you also need to build a house for $1.5 million

After the “interview” adventurer called the President of the National Academy of agrarian Sciences, was presented by the Deputy Andrei Bogdan and offered to resolve the issue with the appointment. The President of NAAS agreed!

News”up To $6 million”: Razumkov actually confirmed the sale of seats in the “Servant of the people”

Cheater still detained by transfer of money. In the SBU said that he was dealing not with one p, and sold even in law enforcement. But to linger, apparently, Ukraine is not going to – a man booked a plane ticket, and planned to settle in the Russian city of Sochi.

With regard to assigned for money the Deputy Director of the Institute, then it’s all good. In December, Paul P., as representative institutions, took examinations of students of the Kherson agrarian University.

Earlier, law enforcers detained the four “Trustees” Vladimir Zelensky, who sold senior positions in “Ukroboronprom” – a former employee of “UkrSpetsExport” they offered a high post for $570 thousand

“Set an example for manual assignments”

Speculators quickly realized and understood that under the current regime can make good money on the carrying case with the purchase and sale of positions, says former Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.

“The smoke without fire does not happen. We all remember what the media have repeatedly written about the sale of seats in the “Servant of the people”, and even called the amount for which you can get on the list and to receive support in the majoritarian constituencies. This information is so still no one has been denied,” – said Rozenko.

The Quartet “sold” presidency “Ukroboronprom”

Facebook / Anatoly Matios

And authorities, adds, now it will be very difficult to contain scams, because the new policy does not seem fair and honest. And the corruption scandals that continually arise, or otherwise is confirmed.

“And after the sale of positions was detained the head of one of departments of President’s Office, there was more confidence that this could happen. After all, she’s not a crook, and not just the man in the street that someone sells on the market. This official, who obviously had hoped that she would do it. So such facts under the current regime have a seat,” – said the politician.

News”the imitation Game” the President’s Office accused of cover-up contests to the government positions

He recalls that in addition, the current government recently shaken by scandals related to manual control in the conduct of competitions for positions of civil servants.

“And we can already count a dozen contests that were canceled because the candidates, under which they were conducted. Due to the fact that the participants were not, and any officials they expected,” says Rozenko.

The Prosecutor’s Office Of Kiev

We are talking about the competition for the position of Secretary of the economy Ministry, heads of the state and goskomgeologii, state ecoinspection. There, according to the participants, the winners not those who wanted to appoint representatives of the new government.

“We see that honesty and openness in the current government there, so there was a fine field for fraudsters sell positions. And examples that gives the new government, they demonstrate that they can someone to negotiate, and they can convince someone and decide something for the people” – the politician explains.

Novelization criminal group: NABU revealed details about the bribetaker at the Office Zelensky

He adds that if a person pays big money to win on the majority district, for passage on the party list, or a portfolio of official, then he certainly expects to “recapture” their investments.

“The MPs hope to return on their investment in “lobbying” and government officials have access to resources, so start making all sorts of schemes. And all this talk of the Prime Minister that came to the team, which is nothing to steal, and corruption they have caused, to put it mildly, ironic smile. And people see that every week there is a scandal with the arrest of some officials. And it totally destroys the myth of the defeated corruption,” – said Rozenko.

Salaries in the civil service – from 3 thousand UAH.

On the official website of the national Agency for civil service indicated that they now have 2607 job openings. Salary – 3 thousand UAH. In Kiev, for example, looking for the Director of the Department for state architectural-building control of the KSCA salary 10,9 thousand UAH. In the field – Secretary of the court in Brovary is 3.5 thousand UAH. And the Secretariat of the Cabinet looking for the heads of the state service of cultural heritage protection, the state Agency of tourism development and Agency for the arts. Offering a salary of 24 thousand UAH.

Fresh jobs for officials

The national Agency for civil service

HR managers say that most senior positions officials on Dating. And acquire bonds in its structures and courses for professional development. Exactly and learn about vacant vacancies. Former officials also became popular for business. Former employees take positions or lobbyists and GR-specialists – liaison with state authorities, but in a good way. They are engaged in registration of permits and lobbying the interests of business in the state. After all, former officials could more easily find a common language with their colleagues.

“The initial level of earnings lobbyists – a few thousand dollars a month. Managers GR-departments receive about $7 thousand, experts of the highest level – about $15 thousand” – written on the sites for employment.

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