Horoscope for today, November 19, 2018, for all Zodiac signs.

The first working day of the week will bring most of the Zodiac signs testing in the professional sphere and in relations with relatives, some will almost certainly require activity and a strategic, deliberate effort. In General for most of Monday will be much more pleasant than usual talking about him. OBOZREVATEL invites the reader to learn more advice of astrologers today.

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Born under the sign of Aries may hope for a welcome respite, which is not brought last weekend. It will be a reward for the work that you recently did not regret neither forces, nor time.


This Monday Tauruses is better to postpone new business plans. It is unlikely that today you will be able to implement the ideas that came after the eventful weekend. Safely delay the plans to chop the firewood, if it’s worthwhile, it’ll have to wait.


Working day the Twins might be today too troublesome. To all this, you probably should wait for the intruders and delayed household chores.


But Cancers is the time to get on with building, to return to the issues of real estate, repair, purchase or sale of apartments, rental housing. Today horoscope promise you the most beneficial, fair and favorable deal.

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Lions are literally littered with different cases and finish will be no easy task. So now is the time to turn to others for help.


Virgo can now feel relaxed, calm and comfortable environment, ease of relations with others and colleagues. Monday will be favorable for reading, self-education, new and useful contacts. Certainly not worth wasting time on idleness.


Weights will not be superfluous to refuse today from their inherent integrity and perseverance. A priority would be very useful not so peculiar to you ability to listen to others and take much less advantageous position for you. Confidently cross principles and pretty soon you will see that-even done through the power of the move was absolutely correct.


Apparently, some trials family business concerns and interfere with the Scorpions to objectively assess the situation in professional sphere and in personal relationships. Today take a neutral position, which will allow you to move away from making important decisions.


Sagittarians today will feel a passion for adventure, travel and diversity that will enable us to reach beyond the limits of office routine. Do not limit yourself to it, find a way to carve out a few weekends ago. The rest not only bring you a new stock of physical and moral strength, but also allow you to handle all the household chores and troubles.

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Today Capricorn will be able to find the correct approach to reconciliation with our competitors, who at this stage was not you on the shoulder. Strategically build relationships will allow you to not only win time, but also to gain some valuable experience, which will further help to take a leadership position.


Monday – it’s time to realize your ambitious plans for the vacation, entertainment, adventure activities and relaxing with family. Today’s the day to buy tickets and route planning, choice of hotels and travel.


Pisces horoscope for today promises a number of challenging tests. The most complicated of them will require you to exposure, sense of tact and understanding, and the ability to listen and to make concessions. The fact is that during the day, possible disagreements and other minor troubles in relations with your loved one. However, you can easily bypass them if you can to put yourself in the second half.