Photo: In Mexico manual the lioness nearly killed the owner

Predatory pet, attacked the owner, tearing him a kneecap and injuring his throat.

In Mexico, in Ciudad Juarez, a local resident in a serious condition in hospital after the attack, the hand of a lioness. Reported by the Associated Press.

White lioness with another lion and a tiger lived in the house of a 41-year-old Eric Noe Romero Maraza in an affluent area. The owner was not afraid of manual Pets, allowing them to walk around the yard and house.

The day before police found Merasa bloodied and barely alive on the floor in his house. The man suffered multiple bites on his arms and legs and one kneecap was torn off. Also on the neck of the victim was found 20-cm deep wound.

Man in serious condition was sent to the hospital. The barn, attacked the host, found in the yard, her paws and muzzle were covered in blood.

None of the animals were not registered officially. Authorities seized predators and are looking for their new home in the reserve or Safari Park.

From a similar incident in Ukraine suffered domestic animals. In a village near the Dnieper lion attacked the pig, escaped from the country complex. And in Crimean Safari Park is home loving young lion Phil, who climbs into a car to tourists.

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