Gritsenko “eyes” Poroshenko asked: “what is it?”

Photo: Anatoly Gritsenko / Facebook

Former Minister of defence of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko said in an interview with that does not communicate with the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in 2014.

Gritsenko said that “the team Poroshenko” there was a theme of his alleged abuse as a Minister.

“I know for sure, I him in the eye then said. Since then we have had no contact with him. With 2014 they were in power: they have the Prosecutor’s office, all investigators, now NABOO and the ARS (the National anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine, a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. – “GORDON”). However, no criminal proceedings against me not open”, – told ex-the Minister of defence.

According to him, “in the eyes” Poroshenko asked: “what is it?”

“Excuses, and I don’t communicate with him,” – said the former Minister.

May 21, Gritsenko said that the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov is the organizer of the campaign to discredit former defense Minister by order Poroshenko.