Girkin: I do not mind to help people

Photo: Igor Strelkov / “VKontakte”

The former “defense Minister” of the terrorist organization “DNR” Igor Girkin (Shooters) stated that he was “neither heat nor cold” from the decision of the American court, Girkin ordered to pay $400 million to relatives of victims of the crash of flight MH17. He told about it “Rain”.

“Because I have almost the number one terrorist in the world, what have I to fear? It makes me neither heat nor cold, will not be worse,” – said the former leader of the militants.

According to Girkin, he is not against to pay compensation to the relatives of the victims.

“What am I against? If I have extra half a billion dollars, I don’t mind to pay the family for unknown shot down the Boeing, I do not mind to help people,” he concluded.

On 30 January the Dutch TV program ZEMBLA reported that the U.S. district court for the Northern district of Illinois Girkin ordered to pay compensation to the relatives of 25 victims of the crash of flight MH17.

Each plaintiff was awarded $10 million in moral damages and another $10 million in compensation for damages caused. It is noted that Girkin did not defend himself in court, at home in Moscow it was not found.

The Boeing 777, carrying out flight MH17 (Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur) crashed on July 17, 2014 near Torez in Donetsk region. Killed all 298 people who were on Board. 193 of them were Dutch nationals.

Immediately after the crash on the page “Reports from small Igor Ivanovich” in “Vkontakte” reported that far from the Snow fighters brought down Voyenno-the transport plane of Armed forces of Ukraine An-26. “In the area Torrez just downed plane An-26, lying somewhere behind the mine “Progress”. I warned you: do not fly in “our sky.” And here is the video confirmation of the next “psicopata”. The bird fell for waste heap, residential sector is not caught. Civilians didn’t suffer”, – noted in the message. But as soon as it became clear that the downed civilian, not military aircraft, and this message removed.

According to the Commission, which is investigating the crash, flight MH17 was shot down from a Buk missile brought from Russia, from territory controlled by Pro-Russian militants. After the crash the Buk back to Russia. The Commission said that data on the involvement in the disaster of Russia as a state has not yet been identified.

In July 2017 Girkin said that fighters could not shoot down the Boeing 777, because they didn’t have the complex “Buk”.

Girkin led a group of militants in April 2014 has seized the town of Slavyansk, Donetsk region. After July, the city was returned under the control of Kiev, fled to Donetsk, where he headed the “Ministry of defense of DNR”. By the end of 2014, he returned to Russia.