Gudkov: there was no people who would torture themselves did not specify

Photo: Gennady Gudkov / Facebook

The increase in Russia of the terms of imprisonment for dissidents suggests that the regime of President Vladimir Putin is afraid of real action and shows everyone how cruel to even deal with the idea of creating something against him. This opinion was expressed by Russian opposition leader and former state Duma Deputy Gennady Gudkov in his column on the website of the “Observer”, commenting on the judgement in the case “Network”.

“The Russian law enforcement system has long gone beyond the limits of the law, and with the case “Network” she punched another bottom. I always say that the Putin regime, despite its sufficient rigidity in the use of force against peaceful rallies and street marches, still kept a certain minimum balance. Pussy Riot got dvushechku, as Putin said, [opposition leader Sergei] Udaltsov, who is accused almost in the preparation of the revolution, was given four and a half years, plus the opportunity to work in the library. It was a punishment and a half – two to three years maximum. The government realized that the sentence is not fair and should not be abused by the cruelty,” – said Gudkov.

He stressed that in the summer of 2019, the situation has changed, violence “has increased dramatically”.

“The guys in Rostov for a single picket, was given six and a half years in a strict regime colony, where sit the most serious offenders for the most serious crimes. And here’s the next step of the bottom – the case of “Network” fabricated and falsified. Maybe not all his characters are white and fluffy, but they’re not involved in any terrorist underground and not making any attacks. Testimony are rigged to convict was tortured. And yet there were people who would torture themselves are not agreed. There you can say anything, even to confess to plans to kill Putin and [President Donald] trump. If only there was pain and mockery,” – said Gudkov.

He reminded that the average time that got each of the seven convicts in the case “Network” is 12 years and four months.

“Such terms in Russia do not give even for serious crimes. This suggests that the regime only tightens the situation and unleashes its repression on those who are against him, and who is of any hypothetical danger. The regime is afraid of real action and shows everyone how badly will even deal with the thought of creating something against him”, – the oppositionist added.

10 Feb Privolzhsky district military court has sentenced seven defendants in the case “Network”. According to investigators, they were in banned terrorist community called “the Network” and were planning attacks during the elections of the President and the football world Cup in 2018 and wanted to attack the offices of “United Russia” and the authorities.

The defendants initially confessed, but later said that he had done so under torture and revoked their. They said that no organization “the Network” existed, in fact they are fond of airsoft.

During the searches of the defendants found the gun and drugs, they said that all they planted. The eldest of them, 31, the youngest 23 years old.

Russian scientists and scientific journalists demanded to cancel the verdict.