Fursa: the Bank’s Strategy is absolutely correct

Photo: Sergey Fursa / Facebook

The decision of “PrivatBank” to submit the claim to the former shareholder of the financial institution, businessman Igor Kolomoisky in the United States – logical, because in the U.S. the Bank has more chances to win than in Ukrainian courts. This opinion in comments to the edition “GORDON” was expressed by investment banker Sergey Fursa.

“Kolomoisky have a lot of assets in the United States. At their expense it is possible to compensate for the losses suffered by Ukrainian taxpayers in the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. With regard to the question of jurisdiction: for example, even the fact that we are now talking with you on the IPhone, can already become for US a reason to believe that this conversation is part of their jurisdiction. But Kolomoisky and assets in America, and the money to output in dollars. So this lawsuit is a logical step on the path of confrontation with Kolomoisky Bank and its former owners. I think that in USA the chances of “PrivatBank” is much higher than in the Ukrainian courts. The Bank’s strategy is absolutely correct – they do everything right,” – said Fursa.

Joint-stock company “Commercial Bank “PrivatBank” on may 21, filed in the U.S. claim to the former shareholder of the financial institution, businessman Igor Kolomoisky, reported on the website of the Stationery court of the state of Delaware. It is noted that the claim “PrivatBank” is civil. Information about the timing of the lawsuit and the details of the case at the present time is not specified.

PrivatBank – the largest commercial Bank in Ukraine was nationalized on 19 December 2016.

18 April 2019 the District administrative court of Kyiv satisfied the claim of the former owner of the Bank Igor Kolomoisky on the illegality of the nationalization of “PrivatBank”. The same court overturned the decision of the national Bank of Ukraine, adopted in 2016, which determined the list of individuals and entities associated with the Bank.

The Pechersky district court of Kiev on 20 April allowed to break the contract of personal guarantee Kolomoisky loan refinancing “PrivatBank” received prior to its nationalization.

The NBU with the decisions of the courts do not agree and stated their intent to appeal.

3 may the Economic court of Kiev merged all five facilities opened claims to the NBU Kolomoisky and “Privat” on the invalidity of contracts of personal guarantee.

On 16 may, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine filed an appeal against the decision of District administrative court of Kyiv, which repealed the 18th of April the nationalization of “PrivatBank”.