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What technologies and devices American, Korean, and other engineers and entrepreneurs are going to make our daily life more interesting.

In Las Vegas hosted the consumer electronics show CES in 2020, where technological innovations introduced large companies, and little-known startups.

This year, the developers have focused on various “smart” devices for home and to reduce the impact of daily human activity on the environment. Корреспондент.net tells details.


Electric Car Sony Vision S

One of the most surprising innovations was the concept electric car from Sony. Vision S aims to demonstrate the ability of the company to create not only gadgets, and cars.

The concept is equipped with two motors of 200 kW each, which provides acceleration to 100 in 4.8 seconds. Along the perimeter of the electric vehicle is located 33 of the sensor for observing the environment. Among them a proprietary CMOS-camera, Time-of-Flight sensors, ultrasonic scanners, radar, and LiDAR.

Replacement smartphones and generations. Zuckerberg on the 2020s


Owl meeting

Meeting Owl Pro won in the category of Robots. At CES 2020 has shown that the Pro version, although the previous is sold for more than a year. From a “night owl” is a symbiosis of speakers, microphones and cameras, and it works 360 degrees around the device.

The device is designed for conducting online conferences, being exposed in the middle of the negotiating table, it is capable of real-time broadcast the image and voice of the very people who are talking at the moment.

The Pro version differs from the previous improved camera resolution (1080p vs 720p), a more powerful chipset (Snapdragon vs 605 410) and improved array microphones. Both versions are sold on the official website at a price of 999 dollars for the older version and 799 for younger.



Robocar Samsung Ballie

Smart home technology with each passing day more and more embedded in the life of an ordinary person. To control the most often used applications like Google Home.

However, Samsung decided to simplify this task by creating a social robot Ballie. Robocar able to control your smart home by yourself – for example, seeing the garbage, he’ll get the robot vacuum.

As in the last century was represented by the year 2020

Ballie is able to recognize and interact with people and animals – the robot will call an ambulance if you see the person who fell and was injured. Additional details were not disclosed.


Chair Segway S-pod

Floating chair from the Segway has become the object of a large amount of attention on the Internet. Some users found the similarities with the cartoon wall-I.

The office chair takes place using a special joystick. The maximum claimed speed is 38 km/h Full charging the device will take two hours and will allow you to drive 70 km.

The commercial model will hit the shelves later this year.


Litter box iKuddle

Don’t forget about the pet lovers company iKuddle showed the cat’s litter box with the option of self-cleaning. The project was financed through crowdfunding and have raised over a million dollars.

The gadget starts the process of cleaning up after the cat leaves the tray. In addition, a start tray, you can use the app on your phone. The smart system collects feces and sends them to the specified package. The first devices customers will receive in October on a preliminary price of $ 399.

Fantastic soup, which has become routine in the 2010s



Smart diapers Lumi

Smart clock with the possibility of tracking sleep today already you will surprise nobody. Now have similar functionality even diapers. In addition to information about sleep in a special app will display the time of last feeding and diaper change. The product is launched presumably fall, price not yet known.



The Samsung TV To The Wall

It would seem, most recently in our life came to 4k TVs. However, Samsung managed to surprise the user by presenting a series of modular screens, gathered in one like a puzzle.

This technology will help to fit a TV into any interior, or to create a device with the diagonal in as many as 292 inch for shopping centres, for example. The device is built on technology MicroLED with a resolution of 8k. The prices are also very impressive: from 490 thousand to $ 1.68 million dollars.


Car avatar from Mercedes

Concepts from the German automaker has always been known for their futuristic and adaptability. According to the company, they were inspired by the movie Avatar, so combine man, machine and nature unprecedented way.

Battery electric car created based on graphene and does not contain any hazardous substances after the exhaustion of the resource it can be recycled without polluting the environment.

5G, AI, e-bikes. Technology trends-2020

The controls have AVTR otstayut – control occurs via bioacoustics in the center pane. As soon as the driver put his hand on him, the system detects the heartbeat, starts engines and lights start flashing in time with the pulse.

In front of the driver is a huge display on the entire front panel, which can be controlled with gestures and voice. Interestingly, the concept can move. In the Internet appeared the video, as Vision safely riding on the roads of Las Vegas.


Smart potato

In today’s world there are many useless gadgets. The prefix “smart” is trying to attribute to each new subject. To ridicule this trend, decided Nicholas Baldek – he described visitors this revolutionary product as “incredibly smart product, which reveals the power of decision-making of potatoes.”

The vegetable has a generally conventional appearance except for a small antenna aimed up. After connecting via Bluetooth the potatoes can ask different questions. After the success of the exhibition Nicolas decided not to throw the project, and opened a startup on Indiegogo Potato. If you manage to collect 100 thousand dollars, the developer promised to create potato blockchain.


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