Paparazzi caught former Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain Boris Johnson at the house of his young lover, 30-year-old Kerry Simonds.

According to The Sun, around 7 am, 54-year-old Johnson on a Bicycle left the house in Dublin, at the entrance where a few hours were his new fiancee (photos see below).

As previously reported, British media reports, recently, Boris Johnson was spotted in the company of a young employee of the financial company Bloomberg, on his fascination with the girl colleagues Johnson drew attention in November 2018. Later even appeared information that the politician intends to marry.

“He wants to get engaged. He completely captured Kerry. It is nice to see. He’s like a puppy running around her, very careful”, – told reporters his friend.


The source notes that Kerry has yet to meet with the children of Boris Johnson from his first marriage. And there is a small caveat: the new darling of the policy only 5 years older than his daughter.

Novostidue Jackie Chan after the scandal with his father is officially married to a sweetheart

Boris Johnson chose not to make the topic personal life into the public debate, which aroused the curiosity of the British journalists. So the politician was seen at the house in which, apparently, spent the night with the aforementioned Kerry Simonds. Amused the public and the fact that he left the area Johnson on a Bicycle.

Boris Johnson


Kerry Simonds


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, June 9, Johnson resigned as head of the British foreign office. In the conflict with Russia, he supported Ukraine. The capture of the Crimea Johnson called the first case of the power of annexation in Europe.

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