Photo: the Cost of a new major gas field of Cyprus was estimated at $30-40 billion

The third world’s largest gas field found off the coast of Cyprus. The cost of deposits is 30-40 billion dollars.

The cost of deposits of natural gas, open the American oil giant ExxonMobil off the coast of Cyprus, is 30-40 billion dollars. It is reported by the Cypriot Phileleftheros.

According to preliminary data, field Glaucus-1 in the Cypriot Block 10 has deposits of approximately 5-8 trillion cubic feet of gas. This is the largest field in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus. It is also the third largest gas field open for the last two years.

Cyprus wants to become alternative energy source for Europe, but Turkey opposed to its exploration of gas fields, which, according to Ankara, violate her rights to reserves of oil and gas and ignore the rights on the natural resources of Northern Cyprus .

Turkey says that in the beginning their work in the waters of Cyprus. In February of last year, Turkish warships a few weeks blockaded in the Mediterranean sea drilling rig of Italian energy company ENI, which was supposed to start work on the search for gas off the coast of Cyprus.

Earlier it was reported that Cyprus has discovered a large gas field. American oil company ExxonMobil discovered natural gas field to the South-West of Cyprus.

Recall that in Ukraine opened a new gas field. In addition, in the North sea found a large Deposit of gas.

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