This section contains free online fortune telling from various systems that will help open up your intuition, improve relationships, predict your future, get the answers you need and make the right decisions. The art of prediction can be traced through the whole history of mankind and got its start even before the advent of writing. Any fortune telling online relies on secret knowledge hidden from the uninitiated. It is no secret that many signs are literally on the surface, but few see them. All we need to do during the divination session is to tune in and ask the right questions to which the Universe will answer. We are pleased to present you various tools for divination on the Internet. You are going on a magical journey, during which you should leave your everyday logic. Read the answer that is relevant to your problem, and listen to your own intuition, which will allow you to go beyond simple causes and effects.

Variants of fortune telling online:

Traditional fortune telling : dominoes, Book of Changes, fortune telling on simple maps online, fortune telling by quotations, the layouts of the prophetess Lenormand, Tarot, online fortune telling on a crystal ball, folk fortune telling (for coffee, wax, etc.)

Ancient fortune-telling : the Book of Fates, Catherine’s fortune-telling, Oracle of Sibylla, Mirror of the World, Tibetan fortune-telling of MO, Pythagorean fortune-telling, Oracle of Mahjong, Wheel of Fortune, Arabic fortune-telling

Author’s fortune-telling : Zodiac, chakram fortune-telling online, Talisman of the day, Abstraction.

Modern fortune telling : Goldfish, fortune telling on hearts, fortune telling on a guy or girl.