Photo: Instagram/lord.bemrose auto recovery mechanic has spent two weeks and 13 thousand dollars

Well-known car company wants to sue the mechanic in court for what he branded restored the car and replaced it the engine.

The Italian company Ferrari, which produces sports and racing cars, threatened with court, a car mechanic from New Zealand to Reuben to Bemrose because he installed it on sports car with rotary engine, writes AutoEvolution.

Last summer, Bemrose bought for ridiculous money Ferrari 456 GT, which was badly damaged in the accident. Sports car have no wheels and headlight, dented the body and the engine it was impossible to fix.

A resident of Wellington undertook the restoration of the vehicle. During the work it instead of the original engine on the car put the rotary-piston engine from Mazda.

Restoring your Ferrari Bemrose took part in a local festival, where he received the award for the best conversion. Also about the restoration of the car he wrote in social networks, where they posted pictures of the stages of the recovery machine. The man noted that the replacement motor and restore the chassis he spent only two weeks and 13 thousand dollars.

Soon he received an official letter from Ferrari, in which the man demanded “immediately stop” the operation of the car otherwise the company will go to court.

Also the Italians insisted on deleting all photographs of “questionable content” from Instagram of a sports car Bemrose.

The new Zealander, in turn, said that in any case did not want to belittle the legendary automotive brand.

As previously reported, in Monaco, the man extinguished the burning Ferrari from the balcony.

Recall that Ferrari wants to split the windshield in two.

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