Mushroom is accused of preparing terrorist attack in Sochi

Photo: Igor Grib / Facebook

The father of a prisoner in a Russian prison Ukrainian Pavel Mushroom Igor could not 1 July to congratulate son’s birthday. He said this to UNN.

“I’m not with him just for today can’t talk. I 10 months that he is behind bars, had no such opportunity. We haven’t seen him, permission [to visit him] was not, and what is its condition – we do not know”, – said Igor Mushroom.

24 August 2017, 19-year-old Mushroom, traveled to Gomel (Belarus) to meet with a friend, kidnapped by the FSB of Russia.

Two weeks on the exact whereabouts of Ukrainian was not known. On 7 September the Consulate General of Ukraine in Rostov-on-don received a message from the FSB about the content of the Mushroom in a detention center in Krasnodar. In Russia, Ukrainians were accused of preparing a terrorist attack in one of the schools of the city of Sochi.

Oktyabrsky district court of Krasnodar arrested a Mushroom until 17 October. Later the measure of restraint for several times extended.

The Ukrainian doctors who are not admitted to the detainee, said that he suffers from portal hypertension. This diagnosis excludes the presence in the institution could not be provided specialized medical care.

Father Mushroom is said that the prisoner is forbidden to pass food. Paul’s lawyer Marina Dubrovina said that he had not received any letters.

25 Jun Dubrovin has informed that in Russia the investigation of the Fungus was completed, July 2, to be held a preparatory hearing.