Third-party companies and developers can read the emails of Gmail users

A year ago, Google promised to stop using the contents of the letters to identify the advertising preferences of the users.

Hundreds of third-party companies and their employees have access to user messages Gmail. This writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to 20 former and current employees of these companies.

The publication revealed that the Corporation Google, which, in 2017, promised to stop collecting data from incoming emails in Gmail, allows you to view messages users of its email service to developers of third-party applications. They can read incoming user signed on, for example, services to compare prices in stores or planners.

In particular, according to the WSJ, this access to customer data is the company Return Path. She collects the letters, more than two million Gmail users that logged on in one of the free apps in the affiliate network Return Path via e-mail .

According to employees of the company, the computers Return Path analyzed nearly 100 million emails a day. Often, the programmers of the company read personal messages of users in order to improve the algorithms of special programs.

Employees of Edison Software developer of mobile applications for Gmail, also read letters from users of the service.

Today Gmail are 1.4 billion people.

Facebook released a personal publication 14 million users

Earlier it became known that the social network Facebook shares users ‘ personal data with manufacturers of smartphones and other gadgets.

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