To demonstrate his toughness in front of women is considered funny, says Igor eydman

Donald Trump. AFP photo

Recently, the citizens of Germany are more critical of America and its President, Donald Trump, considering it “a disgrace”.

About this left Russia to Germany, the sociologist and the political scientist Igor eydman said in an interview

According to him, until recently in Western Germany, the Americans were treated with great gratitude: “Because America helped by the Marshall plan with the rebuilding of Germany. When the blockade was of West Berlin, the Americans with planes dropping food here. The Germans knew it and were grateful for it.”

But in recent decades has raised anti-American sentiment.

“Russian propaganda is actively working for the Germans in particular. When Germany was divided, it was restored after the war, and the Soviet threat was perceived as the reality, then America needed it. Now it is perceived without the former reverence,” says the sociologist.

He noted that a huge role in the roll-out of anti-Americanism, the last time he played the tramp.

“There is simply hate and, in General, for the matter. For the European liberal man he is disgusting, purely aesthetic. In Germany it is not customary to boast of wealth, luxury, not to behave in sexistly, brag, FIB. To demonstrate his toughness in front of women is also considered ridiculous. Tramp for the Germans – a disgrace as an American President,” – said the analyst.