“Did you miss me?”: the British potrollit projection of Putin at the building of the foreign Ministry of great Britain

Relations between Moscow and London soured before the elections on 18 March

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Activists staged light performance on the facade of the British foreign Ministry in London, projecting onto it the image of Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader is smiling, and next to the caption: “Missed me?”.

photo: en.wikipedia.org

The building of the foreign Ministry of great Britain. Author: Adrian Pingstone.

It is argued that the action was held by Russian art group Philosoraptors.

Russian art group Philosoraptors staged a performance on the facade of the building of the London foreign office – the British foreign office. Activists have created on the building light projection with a smiling portrait of the President of Russia. Next to her on the building reads “Miss me?” (“Did you miss me?”). pic.twitter.com/U481VOffBK

Resident ☭ (@KrResident) March 19, 2018

According to RT, the activists therefore called on all to respect the choice of the Russian people.

Video shot at night. On the night of March 19 it became known the preliminary results of voting on elections of the President of Russia. Already then it became clear that Vladimir Putin wins by a large margin.

Disagreements between Moscow and London in recent weeks has escalated in connection with the incident in Salisbury, where he was poisoned ex-spy of the GRU, Sergei Skripal and his daughter. British authorities believe that the poisoning is the Kremlin. While the details of the investigation are not given. Meanwhile, the head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson accused of involvement in the poisoning Skripal Vladimir Putin personally. In the Kremlin considered such an attack is inexcusable from the standpoint of diplomacy.

Russia consistently denies allegations in the case Skripal. Moscow and London, meanwhile, has already exchanged lists of expelled diplomats.