The investigation revealed the involvement of the regulator to “schemes” tobacco monopoly

AMC podozrevayut in helping “Tedis”. Photo: Pixabay

Firm-tobacco monopoly “Tedis-Ukraine” is suspected of organizing shemura withdrawal in Russia, which was based on the provision of financial assistance in the amount of 2.51 billion UAH 11 bogus firms. The Prosecutor’s office believes that this activity is a monopoly of the market for the distribution of cigarettes led under the guise of head of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine. This became known from the decisions of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv, according to “Nashi Groshi”.

The investigation revealed that using illegal methods of doing business and by bribing officials of Central government bodies of Ukraine, including the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, LLC “Tedis Ukraine” together with the manufacturers of tobacco products of PRJSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”, JSC “JT international Ukraine, CJSC Imperial tobacco Production Ukraine” CJSC “V. A. T. Priluki” created insurmountable barriers to entry into the market of distribution cigarettes potential distributors – distributors. This allowed “Tedis” to hold a monopoly position in the market.

The cover of this scheme, according to the case materials, was carried out, in particular, Chairman of the ACU and two couponovernight the AMC.

Prosecutors allege that representatives of the “Tedis-Ukraine” has systematically provided monetary kickbacks to officials of the AMC. And a fine 429,31 million UAH, which is in December on the “Tedis Ukraine” imposed by the AMCU, unreasonably low compared to the gross income of the company. However, court registry failed to find data on the nomination of a suspicion the head AMKU Yury Terentyev, or his designee, Nina Sidorenko, who conducted the investigation on the “Tedis”.

The investigation found that in 2012-2013, the Odessa businessman Boris Kaufman, in agreement with the citizens of the Russian Federation Sergey Kazieva and Igor Kesaeva, which held a monopoly position on the Russian market of legal and shadow turnover of tobacco products, was acquired by OOO “Trading company “Megapolis-Ukraine”. In may 2016, the firm was renamed to OOO “Tedis-Ukraine”.

The involvement of Kaufman and Russians to “Tedis-Ukraine” the Prosecutor’s office established the following:

  • one of the founders of the company is “Libertango holdings LTD” and his founder is JSC “New Investment Company “Alliance”, which in turn was founded by Kaufman;
  • the owner 92,37% of the share capital “Tedis-Ukraine” is a “Megapolis Ukraine investment limited”. In the last 50.1% of shares belong to a Cyprus company Whiteley Engineering Limited. The ultimate beneficial owners of Whiteley is katsiev and Kesaev.

In October 2016, President Petro Poroshenko signed a decree entered effect the NSDC decision on the introduction of personal sanctions, this list included Kesaev.

The GPU found that Kesaev is the owner of group of companies “mercury”, which includes JSC “Zavod im. Degtyaryova”, which is one of the leaders of the military-industrial complex of Russia. The plant produces infantry, artillery, anti-aircraft missiles and systems management, which, in turn, supplied to the militants of illegal armed formations so-called “LNR” and “DNR”.

The investigation also found that “Tedis-Ukraine” sells cigarettes to bogus firms at a price which exceeds the cost of acquisition. At the same time, a significant number of parties is realized in cash without record these operations. In the future cigarette with concealment from the tax authorities implement through retailers.

Another scheme of tax evasion – granting repayable financial assistance to enterprises with signs of fictitiousness. This has established or purchased the following companies: TOB “Ławica”, TOB “Amkodor”, JSC “Arolla”, TOB “Titan-Yug”, TOB “Codominant”, OOO “Dom-invest-Ukraine”, TOB “Stratagem-invest” TOB “North-Eastern mining company”, OOO “Megapolis Ukraine logistics”, LLC “gold Prime Finance”, LLC “Mildred”LTD.

These enterprises were provided 2.51 billion UAH return bailout, which was then sent into accounts of firms-transit OOO “Bioclin”, LLC “Golden Prime Ekspress”, OOO “Odessadenial”, “Baltinvest”, “Halo-Brock.” Further, these funds through offshore accounts of the ultimate beneficiaries “Tedis Ukraine” – “Megapolis Ukraine of Investmentslimited” and “Libertango holdings LTD” were introduced in Russia.

A portion of the proceeds were allegedly used to Finance terrorism.

In the court of the GPU petitioned for access to Bank accounts JSC “Philip Morris Ukraine”, JSC “JT international Ukraine, CJSC Imperial tobacco Production Ukraine” CJSC “V. A. T. Priluki”, registration documents and tax returns firms that received bailout “Tedis-Ukraine”.

Recall that in late March, the security forces exposed the scheme particularly major tax evasion and illegal transfer of billions of hryvnia from Ukraine through the company “Tedis”. Including the company is accused of financing terrorism. However, TEDIS Ukraine denies all allegations of the Prosecutor General, the company has already sought the protection of the President of Petro Poroshenko and interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

In addition, law enforcement officers raided the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukrainerelated to the tobacco distributor.

Also it became known about arrest of corporate rights and Bank accounts of the company “Tedis-Ukraine”in PrivatBank.

“Tedis-Ukraine” (earlier “Metropolis”) – a distributor of tobacco products in Ukraine. The company is in the TOP 20 largest in Ukraine and full control of the market distribution of tobacco products. For many years the company has collaborated with international manufacturers of tobacco products: JapanTobacco International, Philip Morris International, Imperial Tobacco Group, British American Tobacco, as well as with suppliers of lighters FireTime and Ringo Ltd. In 2014 and 2015, 100% made in Ukraine cigarettes were implemented “Tedis”.

In December 2016, the AMCU has fined the “Tedis” 431 million UAH for abuse of monopoly – the claim was to the pricing. In addition, according to AMC, “Tedis” partially refused to sell the product in the absence of alternative sellers.