Pictured left to right: Netanyahu, Rivlin, and the leader of the “Kahal Laban” benny Gantz

Photo: EPA

The Central election Commission of Israel on the night of September 20 published the “almost final” results of the elections to the Knesset. It is reported by channel 9.

The results do not include votes from 14 of the problematic polling stations where it was observed the violation. Now it is checking. The TV channel notes that the counting of remaining votes would not change the current political alignment.

According to the CEC of Israel, the most votes in the election of left-centrist block “Kajol Laban”, who beat the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud.

So, “Cahal Laban” gets 33 mandates, Likud – 31, the United Arab list 13, the party “Israel Our home” former defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman received eight mandates.

Official election results will be published and presented to President of Israel Reuven Rivlin on September 25.

According to channel 9, President September 22, will start consultations with representatives of parliamentary factions to see who will be recommended each faction as the next head of government.

61 if the MP will speak in favor of one candidate, it will charge to start coalition talks. The TV channel notes that this candidate does not have to be the leader of the party. If 61 members in favor of one candidate or another is not there, after the consultations, the President shall decide and call the name of the policy from the number of deputies, who, in his opinion, the highest chances of forming a coalition.

The previous parliamentary elections in Israel were held on 9 April. Likud and the opposition, “Kahol-Laban” received the same number of seats – 35. However, together with partners in the right wing Likud won the majority and the right to form a coalition. Negotiations proved fruitless.