Homosexual is raising five children with disabilities from the orphanage

British sexual orientation took away from the orphanage five children with developmental disabilities.

British gay Ben carpenter became the father of five adopted children with different diseases. This reports the Metro.

Resident of the County of West Yorkshire 34-year-old Ben carpenter is the youngest of the foster father-a homosexual. The first child he adopted in his 21 year. Then he took from the orphanage boy Jack.

Later, the man adopted a seven year old Rabbi with blindness and syndrome of Robin, as well as half-sister Lucy girl, suffering from deafness. In a family of carpenters three years later came Joseph with down syndrome. The baby wears a colostomy bag because of problems with digestion.

The last man adopted 15-month-old Noah with improperly developed limbs. According to the man, he loves children and his difficult fatherhood. Ben helps his 65-year-old mother and friends.

Earlier in Ukraine registered a record pair with a difference in growth.

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