Bondarchuk: I’m a free man

Photo: Sergei Bondarchuk / Facebook

In the UK ended the proceedings for the extradition of the former head of “UkrSpetsExport” Sergei Bondarchuk. The court refused to satisfy the request of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, recognized because the case is politically motivated. This is in exclusive comments to the edition “GORDON” said Bondarchuk.

“July 25 held a meeting in Westminster Magisterska court on the question of my extradition. The court made the decision to deny General Prosecutor of Ukraine, as the circumstances of the case was politically motivated. Moreover, the decision stipulates that the UK will provide the documents to Interpol to remove all claims against me. This decision is final and not appealable. I’m a free man. This is a new milestone in my life and the life of my family. It is a big relief and joy. This whole process took four years of my life. Today I have another birthday. Sorry I can’t share the joy with his mother, who also touched on the prosecution. It brought up the fact that she is in a coma now,” – said Bondarchuk.

Bondarchuk with his wife on June 25 near Westminster Magisterskogo court. Archive photo of Sergei Bondarchuk

He noted that the British authorities continue to consider the question of granting him political asylum.

“It’s a long story. The security service of Ukraine I, as an officer, was sent to study at the Academy of the Ministry of defence of the United Kingdom. During my studies of the GPU on the direct orders of Mr. Poroshenko has fabricated a criminal case against me. But the official from the Prosecutor’s office suspicion I had not received. I completed my studies in April 2015 and realized that to return to the country dangerous – I’ll just throw in jail. I applied for political asylum. I have a Ukrainian passport. The decision for asylum is under consideration”, – said the source.

Bondarchuk is convinced that the Ukrainian authorities this court decision will have political consequences.

“I want to emphasize that the decision the UK will have also political consequences for Ukraine’s leadership. After such a decision to talk about the existence of a democratic government is not necessary. It is impossible to recognize that the power to haunt you for political reasons, and it is argued that this government is democratic. It does not happen. And really, the decision is a blow to Poroshenko and his plans to retain power. The consequences in the future,” – said Bondarchuk.

Bondarchuk was the head of UkrSpetsExport in 2005-2010. In January 2015 Main military Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine reported to him about suspicion in misappropriation of $7.4 million belonging to the company.

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine announced that in the national search in February 2015. In June 2015, the Interpol declared in the international search.

March 15, 2017, the General Prosecutor Yuriy Lutsenko said that Bondarchuk was arrested in London. Bondarchuk refuted the statement of the attorney General by posting photos where he is sitting with a fresh issue of the newspaper The Guardian at the bar.