Usually this flight takes more than six hours.

The Boeing 747-436 aircraft carried out flights in the night from 8 to 9 February. The plane flew from the international airport of a name of John Kennedy in new York and sat in London Heathrow. The flight took four hours and 56 minutes: during this time, the aircraft broke 5554 kilometres. Usually a flight is over six hours, reports

Ground speed of the aircraft (speed relative to the surface) reached 1328 kilometers per hour: it became possible due to the air flow of the hurricane “Chiara”. The plane did not break the sound barrier: air speed — speed relative to the air flow was subsonic.

The absolute champion of the flights across the Atlantic in 1996 was the supersonic Concorde, which flew from the US and the UK in two hours and 52 minutes. We will remind, the aircraft of this type was taken out of operation in 2003.