Photo: a frame from the video In the middle of the trampoline placed Kevlar Mat

Bloggers have created a very strong trampoline and as an experiment from a height dropped on his car.

Mechanical engineer, blogger, author of a scientific YouTube channel, mark Robert was designed with a sturdy trampoline in the world, and then tested it by resetting the car. Video of the experiment Robert posted on the video.

The blogger designed the trampoline with Kevlar Mat in the center. 144 springs connect the Mat with a steel frame. Each spring can withstand the weight more than 200 kilograms.

Then Robert sent the documentation to another blogger in Australia, who takes on video as it from a great height resets various items.

Men came together and took test drive. First on the trampoline throwing watermelons and bowling balls, and then turn to this car.

Recall that blogger requires $3.2 billion for invented a method of treatment of coronavirus.

Earlier it was reported that blogger took video of the celebration of the abortion of a friend.

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