New man Bledans found the approach to her son

Photo: bledans / Instagram

Russian actress Evelina Bledans introduced a new love – the Moscow businessman Sergey Demcheva. She told about it in interview to the edition “7 days”.

“Now is the time to say: Yes, he’s mine!” said Bledans.

The businessman admitted that he found the approach to the younger son of the actress, five-year-old Simon.

“I quickly got used to the Seme, he is very kind and well-mannered. When naughty, he doesn’t have to be strict. He listens to my mom and me,” said the Demchev.

Previously, Evelina Bledans admitted that he wants to return to her former husband, Alexander Semin, father son Seeds.

Son Bledans and Semin was five years old. The boy was born with down syndrome.

Have Bledans there is also a 24-year-old son Nicholas from marrying Israeli businessman Dmitry. He lives with his father in Israel.