Arkady Babchenko In Ukraine have ceased to be afraid even of the Russian army. Hatred is, and there is no fear

Photo: Arkady Babchenko / Facebook

Gas war with Ukraine Russia loses another lever of pressure on the Ukrainians. This opinion of the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko was expressed on air of “Echo of Moscow”.

“All that Russia is doing its these attempts, she only loses any leverage over Ukraine. First, she lost her Imperial leverage. Then she lost her military leverage, because in 2014, Ukraine was really afraid Russia was really afraid that Russian tanks reach Kiev, do people here were scared. A couple of years already ceased to be afraid even of the army. Hatred is, and fear not,” he said.

The journalist said that the gas war is also coming to an end.

“Even this lever is lost. Ukraine has learned to cope with it. It is during the day, solved the problem here is that gas blackmail by switching to Slovak, in my opinion, gas or something else. Yeah who cares, you know. There is already only one thought just do not care. Here is the moat with crocodiles, a concrete wall, and then let them say what they want. Gazprom, don’t know, there Girkin, Strelkov, Putin may say what they want. Already completely purple,” said Babchenko.

He added that Ukraine still has another layer of people, focused on Russia and the Soviet Union.

“This layer is quite large. But still the majority of the population – as the cut as the cut off. That’s absolutely, absolutely. This abyss – it hangs for a giant. The watershed has occurred. And it decades exactly. No one wants any relationship of anything. See, that’s just the only reaction right now is just disgust. Here just don’t come. No talking about anything not wants to have none at all. The achievement of Russia, which she, of course, made in: Ukraine, which really once was one of the closest countries, one of the closest States, is now almost completely lost. For decades — exactly,” concluded the journalist.

February 28, Stockholm arbitration ordered Gazprom to pay Naftogaz $4.63 billion for failure to supply the agreed volumes of gas for transit. As a result of two arbitration disputes between companies and taking into account satisfied the requirements of the Russian side, “Gazprom” should pay NAC $2.56 billion

On 1 March it became known that “Gazprom” has returned to “Naftogaz” the money received in payment for March deliveries of gas. The Russian company also said that will not supply gas to Ukraine.

“Naftogaz” declared that intend to demand from “Gazprom” compensation, as these actions violate the December decision of the Stockholm arbitration on the gas supply contract.

On March 1 Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Elena zerkal reported that the Ukrainian foreign Ministry will initiate the tripartite negotiations in the format Ukraine – EU – Russia to ensure stability of gas supplies to Ukraine and the European Union.

On March 5, Gazprom officially sent a notification to “Naftogaz” about the beginning of procedure of contract termination through the Stockholm arbitration on the gas supply and transit. March 6, Novak said that Russia has no plans for trilateral gas talks, while continuing litigation, “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz”.