Search and rescue unit found the plane at a depth of about 250 meters


Liner lay at the bottom of 65. Photo:

The crash occurs not often, the latter was helicopter crash in Colombia that killed 10 people. Sometimes it happens that the results of the disaster over a missing plane from radar, without a trace. Some more luck, when survivors can provide assistance immediately after the fall of the aircraft.

Turkish search and rescue submarine has found the wreckage of the airliner, which sank 65 years ago. The tragedy occurred 65 years ago off the coast of the Turkish island Kizilada. Board Air France have made a night flight from Paris to Tehran, according to Comments.

32 passengers and eight crew members survived, four died. Due to a technical malfunction, the captain of the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing. A guide in the darkness was the lights of the lighthouse, which is still in effect today. Interestingly, the lighthouse, which saved the lives of passengers and crew, was built by a French architect.

Search and rescue unit found the plane at a depth of about 250 metres. The liner are almost not damaged except for the motor. Such operation became possible thanks to modern equipment of the submarine. It is able to detect objects at depths of up to 3000 meters.