Photo: Instagram/reikan_creations On your work guy inspired ikebana

Artist from Japan creates a unique work of animals that literally “lies under the feet”. Orangutans, elephants, tigers appear of twigs, leaves, moss, flower petals.

The artist of Japanese descent living in Montreal, Canada, Cancer, Inoue is known that natural materials creates stunning works of animals. For his works, the wizard uses the flowers, leaves, branches. Photos, Inoue shares in his Instagram account.

As recognized by the artist, at first he started with small animals like spiders and butterflies. He now creates already the beasts of the “bigger” tigers, pandas, elephants, whales, llamas.

This unusual art man inspired Japanese ikebana.

As previously reported, the artist is self-taught from Ukraine makes 3D portraits of animals from felt.

Also wrote that the police of one of the counties in Britain said that now the portraits of the wanted criminals will “print” on the pancakes.

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