Ukrainian boxer at a press conference today, a lot of jokes

Alexander Usik and Tony Bellew at a press conference. Photo Facebook

Today in Manchester held a press conference on the eve of a Grand battle in which the Ukrainian super champion in the heavyweight Alexander Usik 10 Nov will defend all of his belts from encroachment is very aggressive and talkative British Challenger Tony Bellew. The correspondent of “Today,” visited the event and noticed many interesting details.

“I am very inspired, I like the atmosphere in England, in Manchester, said Tendril. Many years ago I just wanted to visit England, and now I’ve been going to box. I’m happy as a little child who got a kinder surprise. Underwear? It’s rising almost as I am, and weight. A very dangerous guy. Look at his eyes, he’s very feisty”.

The question is whether Tony’s his strongest rival, the Mustache replied, “Absolutely, at this moment, Yes. What makes it so? I am calm and even-tempered guy, and he’s just the same, not calm and even-tempered (laughs). What I saw today? That’s okay, I only saw his eyes, and wanted to give their belts to put them in a bag.”

Regarding the continued praise of the Underwear in his address and attempts thus to get into his soul, the Tendril said: “it will not work, because my soul is already taken. His flattering words – part of the plan, but I’m not buying it. I don’t need it. He just knows that I’m a little more crazy than he is. I beat him on Saturday? With love”. (Laughs).

Also in Britain was very interested in the past of Alexander, as the Underwear out of the bottom, come up from nothing, sort of a rocky that respect. Ukrainian is also possible that growing up in a disadvantaged area: “There were drug addicts, prostitutes, prisoners and athletes. I haven’t seen a street fight in the ring, but saw on the street. And so I went to the Boxing.”